KUSIKA Design Centre

Sustainable Growth & Decent Livelihoods in the Fashion Industry

Sourced online BY ANNA FITZPATRICK – 2 YEARS AGO  – fashion revolution (source http://fashionrevolution.org/sustainable-growth-decent-livelihoods-in-the-fashion-industry/ “All have their worth and each contributes to the worth of the others.”  ― J.R.R. Tolkien As a global employer of close to 75 million people, the fashion industry has the potential to offer much to discussions about livelihoods and sustainable growth both locally and internationally. Commercially and… Read more →

International Eco-Fashion Designer John Ablaza

John Ablaza is an international eco-fashion designer, renowned for his use of sustainable local materials in his couture designs. Ablaza is recognized for this majestic and awe-inspiring collections that have been cultivated over his 25 year career. It is exciting to announce that the renowned international designer from the Philippines will be coming to Zimbabwe, by invitation of the US Embassy in partnership KUSIKA Design Centre,… Read more →

C r e a t e

KUSIKA is a design incubator located at Doon Estate in Harare, the Design Quarter of Zimbabwe. Offering training, a manufacturing unit and showroom space for designers and artisans in the sector. MISSION STATEMENT support the economic development of design artisans in the fashion and design sector, upholding ethical and conscious practices. KUSIKA which means “to create” in the local Zimbabwean language; Shona –… Read more →